5 Herbal Teas from Guangdong China

Trumpet Flower

Here is a quick introduction to five Chinese herbal teas from the Guangdong area:

  • Xi Huang CaoThe main ingredient in this tea is an age-old Rabdosia LongitubaChinese/Japanese medicinal herb known as rabdosia (Rabdosia longituba) or Trumpet Spurflower shown at left.

Uses: Cleaning out your liver after getting drunk.

  • Ershi Si Wei literally translates as ’24 flavors’, and was once a combination of 24 different herbs but this number has since become more of a  brand name rather than the number of herbs and they have reduced the ingredients down to around 10. Among them: plum-leaved holly, water banyan and ivy tree bark.

Uses: This one has purported uses as remedy for insomnia, high blood pressure and even colds. This liangcha is quite bitter.

  • Mao Gen Zhu Shui The main ingredients here are sugar cane and couch grass, an herb used since the times of the Roman Empire for everything from kidney stones to constipation. It’s also been used as an coffee substitute as well. The cane sugar in this drink makes it very sweet.

Uses: To cool down a raging fever.

  • Wu Hua Cha This is a simple tea of five flowers: Honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, frangipani, kudzu and kapok flower. A well balanced bitter sweet drink.

Uses: This one is great for soothing a sore throat

  • Huo Ma Ren This drink is made from hemp seeds. But hold on a minute, this isn’t that type of hemp that will make you high. There are many species out there and this one has little to no THC. So this won’t get you high.

Uses: Constipation

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